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Goodbye to Muck & Weeds

MuckMat Pro

MuckMat Pro

Our MuckMat® are giant, environmentally-friendly Mats that rest on your lake bottom. MuckMats® create an instant, firm, weed-free area to walk on without sinking in muck.

MuckMats® (like our LakeMats® and BoatLift Mats®) also eliminate the growth of aquatic weeds at the bottom of your lake area.

The difference between a MuckMat and a LakeMat® is that the Muckmat® has an extra layer that prevents you from sinking into the muck and creates a firm bottom for you and your friends & family to enjoy.

Made of tough, geotextile fabric, reinforced with geogrid on a rugged steel frame.


Our MuckMats® come in 3 sizes – Small (4 x 4m), Medium (4 x 6m), Large (4 x 8). Our Mats are easily linked together to get rid aquatic weeds and control the muck for your entire lakefront

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What is a MuckMat® for?

Creates a firm lake bottom

Eliminating aquatic weeds

Prevents sinking into muddy lake bottoms

Building an ideal beach and swim area

  • Unique Mat, Frame and Geogrid

    Eliminates weeds through preventing photosynthesis

    Water and gas permeable to not harm the natural ecosystem

    Non-woven geotextile - won’t catch fish hooks or other debris

    Geogrid - stops you from sinking in the muck

  • Installed MuckMat®

    Creates a firm and secure lake bottom

    Geogrid and framed-mat stabilizes the loose sediments and stops you from sinking - the “snow shoe effect”

    High strength - place you dock or boatlift on our mats!

  • MuckMat® on the Lakebottom

    No surprises - walking and swimming safe lakebottom

    No sinking & no lake weeds

    Pleasant and non-slippery surface

Installing the MuckMat®

30 minute assembly & install

Instruction manual included

Environmentally firendly: no chemicals, it will not harm fish and other lake resident

Download Manual

How to create a beach with the MuckMat®

Three Steps to create a beach

Step 1 - Assemble MuckMat® in 30 minutes

Step 2 - Place on the bottom of your lake. Easy to walk in with two people on both ends. The mat will slowly sink on its own.

Step 3 - Place a thin layer of sand. You can add more sand to create a thick beach if desired