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Goodbye to Muck & Weeds

Muck SandMat

Muck SandMat

Want a sandy beach in front of your home but have muck? Not an issue with a Muck SandMat. You can still have a sandy beach for children and sunbathers to enjoy. Lay the Muck SandMat over the muck and then place sand over it. The mat creates a barrier between the muck and your precious sand.

How does the Muck SandMat not sink into the muck? The Muck SandMat's bottom layer creates a snowshoe effect on top of the muck and the top layer creates a barrier between your sand and the muck and weeds. Keeping the sand nice and clean.

Choose from a variety of sizes as far as Muck SandMats go, depending on the size of shore you’re going for!

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Benefits of Muck SandMats

There are a few reasons why Muck SandMats are a great option for your lake or pond area:

  • Designed to firm up a mucky lake bottom

    Soft, spongy shorelines, yards and mucky lake bottoms in shallow water near shore - Creates an ideal base for creating a beach area

  • Easy to maintain

    Keep your beach looking great. The Muck SandMat is easy to maintain - inhibits weed growth - protects your shoreline from erosion - keeps your sand from sinking, washing out and drifting

  • A great base for the sand

    Creates a solid foundation and keep your shore from eroding - provides excellent “soil separation” - keeps your sand from mixing with dirt, mud and muck below it

  • Creates an awesome beach

    The beach you have always wanted - Kids will love playing in the sand, and you’ll have an attractive lakefront - for guests and hanging out with friends and family.

  • 100% Guaranteed

    We guarantee your Muck SandMat. It will last for at least 50 years - you’ll never need to replace Muck SandMat - Made of the same industrial grade, geo-textile fabric used to support soil under highways.